Class Descriptions


Fluxio & Upperbody Strength

  • Movement skill: High
  • Strength: High
  • Mobility: Medium to High
  • Conditioning: Medium to High

Fluxio means flowing movement, the ideal objective for any athlete or mover.  Elite movers and athletes move effortlessly with grace and fluidity. Their masterful use of muscular tension means even the most complex and challenging movements never look rigid or strained.  

Upper body strength training is essential to the Fluxio curriculum because the goal is to achieve movement fluidity, allowing you to tap into your innate ability to move with the springy, cat-like power stored within connective tissue rather than simply moving muscularly, which is stiff and rigid.  

This class develops strength, resilience and mobility of the arms, shoulders, neck and core to allow us to explore and interact with our environment through movement.  It is through this movement that Fluxio and upperbody strength training truly synergizes the yin and yang of relaxation and tension.  

Omnis & Leg Strength

  • Movement Skill: Medium
  • Strength: High
  • Mobility: Medium
  • Conditioning: High

Whole body movement and leg strength training is a natural combination.  Originally, our primal ancestors had two ways to get from point A to B.  Walk or Run.  Having strong legs were essential to survive and thrive.      

The legs and hips are the engine for movement.  And this class puts them to work with big explosive movements, compound exercises and using the body’s dynamic strength and power to move objects through space. 

Kettlebells, medicine balls, slam balls, barbells, and sandbags are just some of the items you’ll come to know intimately during the workouts. 

An Omnis & Leg Strength class releases hormones and growth factors that keep you young, improves immune function and bone density and after class your metabolism will continue to burn long beyond the workout.

This class will also make you mad strong. 


  • Movement skill: High
  • Strength: Low to Medium
  • Mobility: Very High
  • Conditioning: Low to Medium

Libertas means freedom.  Freedom of movement.  Freedom from injury and pain.  To achieve this freedom you need:

· A strong and resilient core

· Functionally mobile spine, hips and shoulders.  

· Keen body awareness, a sensitivity of the body’s position in space.

The ultimate aim of Libertas is to develop body awareness, core strength and mobility of the spine, hips and shoulders.  This awareness allows you to take on any movement system, sport, recreational activity, or specific skill work with success and without fear of injury.  

In a nutshell, success in the Libertas curriculum sets you up for success in any physical endeavor.


  • Movement Skill: Low
  • Strength: Low to Medium
  • Mobility: Low
  • Conditioning: Very High

34 minutes of movement.  Class begins with a 3-5 minute warm-up movement matrix.  Following the warm-up you'll do two 10-minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) circuits with a 3-minute break in between.  The AMRAP circuits will be collection of straight forward fundamental exercises using your own bodyweight, kettlebells, slam balls, and more.  You'll be able to challenge yourself working at your own pace inspired by the energy of the group and instructors.  Class ends with 4-minute mental toughness challenge.

Pro Tua Vita (Fight for your life) - Coming soon!!!

The martial arts are some of the most comprehensive movement systems ever created.  Anyone who loves to move will have an appreciation to the depth of martial art movement skill.  The goal of Self Defense classes is to make you a more skilled mover through the context of learning how to defend yourself against an attacker or multiple attackers.  Though conditioning and resilience are elements of self defense that are taught in this class, this is not a cardio class using bastardized boxing and kickboxing techniques that have no real martial implications.  Our instructors are going to teach you the skills and mindset you need to defend yourself and those you love.

Vinyasa Yoga

This class is 60 minutes long, and split into two sections. In the first 30 minutes we will warm the body with a slow flow and some light core work. The second half of the class will be spent doing both active and passive deep stretching. Each week we will target a specific part of the body but lightly touch on all areas. This class is suitable for all levels.