JQ Williams, Yoga Instructor

JQ Williams, Yoga Instructor

JQ has always been drawn to healing.  From the day she met her grandmother's physical therapist, She knew she wanted to help people feel better in their bodies.  Everything she does is aimed at the wellness of the whole.  Teaching yoga, practicing reiki, giving acro yoga therapeutic release, thai massage, meditation... its all there to bring union of mind body and spirit, bringing you to your most alive and healthy state!  

JQ's background in dance, gymnastics and track and field has given me great insight into the athletes mind and taught her about the kinesiology of the body that relates to non athletes as well.  

JQ now co-leads teacher trainings three times a year.  You can find her teaching 7 weekly classes, numerous workshops and private lessons all over the Los Angeles area.  Yoga has been a practice of refining all the skills she acquired as an athlete.  The difference now from her athletic years is, movement isn't about pushing my body to its limit, its about connecting to my highest awareness of self and the intricacies that come with that.

Let JQ guide you into a deeper connection with yourself so that you can be your best teacher, the most skilled expert on yourself there is. 


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