Finding Passion in Your Movement

Is your favorite part of the gym when you WALK OUT THE DOOR?

If so, this post is for you.  I hear questions like this all the time:

"I go through phases of being active and exercising on the treadmill everyday, then I'll go weeks without doing anything and feel guilty for it. Problem is I hate cardio, I hate running, it's boring and I hate the feeling afterwards. I'd rather lift weights only, how can you mix cardio with weights?"

If this sounds like you, please stop right there.  Why do you feel compelled to do something you truly dislike?  

Based on your question, it’s fair to assume that you think cardio for health and weight management is the best way to go, even though you hate it. The good news is you can get the benefits you desire from a movement program of strength training, mobility work, and high-intensity intervals.  The best part?  No boring “cardio” style workouts you have to force yourself to complete.   

In fact, if you replace cardio with the aforementioned training, I guarantee you'll see far better results in body composition, performance, and energy.  

I haven't done any specific cardio like running or cycling (other than as a mode of transportation) since March 2014.  All my training has been bodyweight strength training and basic barbell lifting (deadlifts, squats, overhead presses, and Olympic lifts)  

As a result of this program, I weigh 220 lbs. and maintain a BF% of between 6-9% at all times.  Trust me, try this method and you'll look more attractive, perform better at the gym and in bed with the energy to do it more often, in BOTH places.  

I just gave you the Holy Grail of performance. 

You’re welcome.  If you’re not sure how to execute it on your own; hire yourself a personal trainer in Santa Monica that can show you the way.  

If you still feel compelled to get some aerobic activity, that's fantastic!  Instead of running like a hamster on a wheel go outside and play.  Remember games you enjoyed in your childhood when movement was about fun and exploration?  Those memories are the inspiration for the games we play in our gyms in Santa Monica. A Santa Monica personal trainer from 34 Degrees North will help you reconnect to those things.  Or try something you’ve always wanted to do, pick up a sport like soccer or a movement discipline like dance, martial arts or acrobatics.  Challenge yourself to go outside your comfort zone.   Have some fun!   

An easy way to apply this creativity is to interact with your environment when you go for your jog.  Jump onto and over things that you would normally just run past.  Benches, trees, walls and fences are fair game as long as you don't trespass on someone else's property.   When you stop for traffic do some calisthenics like push-ups, squats, or jumping jacks.  You may even find a bar from scaffolding to do pull-ups if you live in an urban area.  Tree branches also make a great natural pull-up bar.  

Who cares if people think you're crazy?  Nothing says “beastmode” like someone doing chin-ups while they wait for the light to change.  What I'm saying is to listen to your instincts, find what works for you and embrace your strength!

Be Strong and Move Beautifully,