Strength Training at Gyms in Santa Monica: Benefits You Can Achieve

Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology have discovered yet another benefit of strength exercises: better memory retention. A Medscape Medical News overview of the study reported that two groups of participants were each given a set of photographs that they were then asked to recall after a few days. One group was asked to use a strength exercise machine, while the other wasn’t. A couple of days later, the first group remembered the photos better than the second group:

"These results are consistent with the theory that acute stress during consolidation can be beneficial to memory for emotional but not neutral information," the researchers write.

Other research has linked enhancement of memory to acute stress responses, usually psychological stress, such as public speaking.

Studies have also linked the release of specific hormones and norepinephrine in rodent brains to better memory."

Regardless if people value their memory retention abilities or not, this study nonetheless demonstrates just how working out at gyms in Santa Monica, CA can have a significant impact on people’s lives. The only things holding most people back are a lack of motivation to exercise and lack of knowledge about where to start—things that can a personal trainer can help with. Strength training exercises, in particular, call for close supervision, as poor form can lead to serious injury.

The main goal of strength straining is to toughen up the musculoskeletal system, which can be achieved by subjecting the body to progressively heavier resistances. This usually involves lifting weights or performing calisthenics (i.e. pushups and crunches); the latter pits the person against his or her own body weight. Aside from developing stronger bones and muscles, strength exercises also lead to better resistance against injuries by improving metabolism and joint function. With the new findings from the Georgia Tech study, memory retention can be added to this list of benefits.

However, these benefits follow the assumption that strength exercises were done correctly in the first place. Improper lifting techniques, for instance, can inflict unwanted strain upon muscles and result in injuries, which is another reason why anyone who’s serious about getting into shape and onto the path to lifelong fitness should seek a strength training coach at a Santa Monica gym like 34 North.

 (Source: Strength Training Boosts Memory in a Single Session, Medscape Medical News, October 10, 2014)