A Santa Monica Personal Trainer Can Ensure that You Do Fitness Right

Most people enter into an exercise regimen to lose weight and get into shape. It’s an admirable goal, but unfortunately, some end up not eating right or foregoing healthy meals altogether, just to speed up the weight loss process. Eating right is still a huge part of the health equation. If you are still gaining weight despite your dieting and exercise, then you may have to rethink your current weight loss program. It may be time to change it or consider the help of a personal trainer to act as an accountability partner. A personal trainer in Santa Monica can help to layout a healthy balanced plan of action and can inspire you into making realistic goals.

When it comes to losing weight and being healthy, replacing square meals with unhealthy snacks is definitely not the way to go. The best personal trainers promote the consumption of real food and the avoidance of all types of processed food. They can advise you on what to eat and how to manage your eating habits to maximize the benefits you get from your workout regimen. Chronic snacking is just one of the many pitfalls people fall in to when beginning a new workout regimen, old habits die hard. The good news is, is that they die quickly when you have an encouraging, committed personal trainer to watch your back.

Some 45% of consumers, globally, say they use snacks as meal replacements. Roughly 52% say they sometimes replace breakfast with a snack; 43% replace lunch with a snack and 40% replace dinner with one. Consider: 91% of consumers polled say they snack at least once a day. And 21% are snacking three to four times daily — the majority being women.

Perhaps the best benefit to gain from a personal trainer is the push they are able to give their clients when they’ve lost the motivation to stick with their exercise program. Qualified personal trainers can provide structure and accountability to help you develop a healthy lifestyle through a diet and exercise regimen that you can stick with.

What it all boils down to is this: you’ve taken the first step, now it’s time to follow through. You owe it to yourself to do what's best for your long-term fitness goals, so contact a Santa Monica personal training location and get ahold of a certified personal trainer who can help you reach your goals today.

(Source: Americans Snack Differently than Other Nations, USA Today, Sep. 29, 2014)