Roberto Ancestral Reset Testimonial

1) What motivated you to embark on the Ancestral Reset journey?  Now that you’ve completed the program, how did the experience address that original desire or motivation?

My primary motivation to embark on the Ancestral Reset journey was to initiate sustainable lifestyle changes.  My wife and I became parents a little later in life, as an “older” dad it’s very important to me that I stay healthy, flexible and able to move and play with my daughter now only now but as she gets older and stronger in life.  The Ancestral Reset journey has given me the knowledge and tools to do that.

Please describe how you felt before the Ancestral Reset Experience.  How did you feel at the halfway mark?  How do you feel at the end of the 9 weeks? 

Before the Ancestral Reset Experience, I was working out regularly, but in terms of diet I had kind of let things slide.  I was heavier than I should have been, carrying far too much belly fat.   I was puffy, inflamed and always tired. 

 At the halfway mark, I really felt great!  I was noticeably thinner.  My joint and tendons felt great and my performance in the gym had drastically improved.  I was sleeping much better and my diet was extremely clean.  My mental clarity and focus was on point big time!    The 34 North community made the experience fun as there was a ton of positive support.

 At the end of the experience, I feel empowered.  The Ancestral Reset Experience has given me a way to eat, move, rest and recover that I can rely on to keep me optimized for the rest of my life.  I’m grateful for the journey and will continue on it to hit even more personal goals in the future.        


What specific changes have you noticed in your day to day life now that you’ve completed the program? 

Now that I’ve completed the program.  I know longer need to snack all day to keep my energy up and mind on point.  I feel cleaner and leaner, eating less during the day which allows me to be much more productive at work.   


Did you learn anything new about yourself you didn’t know before during the experience?  If so, please share what you’ve learned. 

This experience revealed my “triggers.”  It really put a flashlight on the stressful situations that caused me to make poor diet, movement and behavioral choices.  Now that I’m aware of these triggers, I have the opportunity to be mindful about how to react to them.  It’s very liberating!   


2) In your experience, how is the Ancestral Reset different than other weight loss/diet challenges you’ve tried in the past?

Previous diets and challenges have failed because they were unsustainable.  The Ancestral Reset is the total opposite, the longer you’re on it, the easier it becomes.  The physical, emotional and mental positive results give you the confidence to continue on.  This confidence gets stronger and stronger deeper into the program, which allowed me to shatter plateaus. 


Did having a community of people training and eating the same way as you did on the Ancestral Reset Journey help you accomplish your personal goals?  If so, how?

Having a community of people going through the same experience made the Ancestral Reset Journey a blast!  Everyone was encouraging and ego free.


Would you recommend the Ancestral Reset to like-minded friends and colleagues looking to make positive changes to their lives like you did?  How would you persuade them to give it a try?   

I would absolutely recommend the Ancestral Reset to my friends looking to make real, sustainable changes to their bodies and lives.  I’d show them before and after pictures and tell them, if I can do it, they can too! 


3) At what point in the program did you begin to notice changes to your body composition and overall physical aesthetic?  How did seeing that change make you feel?

I’d say I started seeing real change to my body about two weeks in.  It made me feel great and spurred me on to continue. 

How did the Ancestral Reset experience impact your performance:

·      In the gym?   Noticeable increase in strength, flexibility and metabolic conditioning

·      At work?  Huge rise in mental clarity and focus.  Increase in emotional stability. 

·      In your everyday movement outside the gym?   Everyday aches and pains in joints disappeared. 

·      In the bedroom?   ;)  


Were there particular aches, pains, ailments or other areas of discomfort that were alleviated by the Ancestral Reset program?  In what ways were these physical issues impacted?

Joint aches and pains subsided.  Recovery time for hard workouts was much shorter. 


Did you notice any change in your mental acuity and sharpness while on the program?  If so, what were these changes and how did they impact your work?  Your life?    

I’m a writer.   The increased mental acuity while on the Ancestral Journey made me much more efficient at work.  I was able to hit my daily writing goals faster than before. 


Did you notice any change to your emotional state of being during the experience?  How did these changes impact your relationship with friends, family, co-workers and most importantly, with yourself?   

I became much less volatile during the Ancestral Reset journey.  I was way more even keel emotionally. 


3) How has this experience equipped you to take responsibility for your diet, rest and movement practice beyond the time of the Ancestral Journey?

Now that I’ve experienced true wellness, I know I can continue doing so.   The desire to go back to my old habits and way of being no longer exist.