Amy Ancestral Reset Testimonial

1) What motivated you to embark on the Ancestral Reset journey?  Now that you’ve completed the program, how did the experience address that original desire or motivation?

I was motivated to start the program because I wanted to reset my metabolism after having my second child.  Not sleeping much, I was starting to use sugary treats as a way to get myself through the day.  The experience I had with the program not only helped me to have more natural energy, I felt my metabolism shift completely.  

Please describe how you felt before the Ancestral Reset Experience.  How did you feel at the halfway mark?  How do you feel at the end of the 9 weeks?  

Before the Reset, I felt tired most of the time.  I felt hungry all of the time! I would eat and then I would feel more tired, sluggish and then again I would look to food to help me feel better.  It was a bad cycle. I went through a bit of experimenting to find the foods compatible with the reset that worked the best for my body.  During some of the experimentation I felt tired but once I hit that sweet spot of mastering the diet, I felt beyond amazing.  I experienced energy through the roof, incredible work outs, easily going for much longer than I ever thought I could between meals and all cravings for sugar completely subsided.  

What specific changes have you noticed in your day to day life now that you’ve completed the program?  

I don’t spend as much time worrying about what I’m going to eat.  I feel better all throughout the day so that I spend more time in my day being productive, and happy!  It’s as if a foggy blanket was lifted off my life and literally everything became more clear and more enjoyable. 


2) In your experience, how is the Ancestral Reset different than other weight loss/diet challenges you’ve tried in the past? 

In my past experiences with trying to lose weight, it has felt like a struggle (energy crashes, cravings, etc.)  With the AR I never felt hungry, moody, or had to deal with the negative side effects of ‘dieting’.  I was satiated after every meal and after a short amount of time, I could feel the shift taking place in my body.  I became more in tune with my body’s needs than I ever have been before.  Now when I’m hungry, I know exactly what my body needs.  There was a day during the AR that I realized I had absolutely no desire to eat the foods that I felt so dependant on previously. 


Did your relationship with food change as a result of participating in the program?  Do these changes empower you?  In what ways? 

My relationship to food changed completely.  I stopped craving the foods I knew were bad for me.  Through the AR, I could sense when it was time to eat and I didn’t need to snack anymore.  That was a huge one for me.  I was finally able to stop eating the foods I knew were sabotaging my weight loss, sleep and mental health.   It may sound hyperbolic but literally every part of my day to day life was enhanced because of the change in the relationship to food and my body.  Knowing that I was in control of these changes was transformative and hugely empowering.  As a direct result of that change through the AR, I began to feel stronger in my body, my mind and happier all around. 


Did having a community of people training and eating the same way as you did on the Ancestral Journey help you accomplish your personal goals?  If so, how? 

Absolutely 100%!!  I knew at every step that there was a team of us doing this together and that communal aspect was very helpful.  From asking each other questions about the experience to sharing recipes and ideas, it was a level of support that helped me to stay consistent and inspired.  

Would you recommend the Ancestral Reset to like-minded friends and colleagues looking to make positive changes to their lives like you did?  How would you persuade them to give it a try?   

I absolutely would.  I would tell them my experience and how life-changing it has been for me and of course they can see the changes in my life for themself.  I think people are inspired by others who are happy and doing well.  The AR helped me to feel my best and I am inspired to continue it as a way of life.  Feeling and being strong and happy is infectious! 


3) At what point in the program did you begin to notice changes to your body composition and overall physical aesthetic?  How did seeing that change make you feel?

It took about 2 weeks for me to see real changes.  I think it was about every two weeks that I would notice continued progress.  I didn’t lose a ton of weight all at once, it was over time for me.  Of course I loved seeing the weight come off and knowing that it was through resetting my metabolism and not just through crash dieting. 


How did the Ancestral Reset experience impact your performance: 


  • In the gym?  Much more energy and focus. 
  • At work?  Much more energy, and more importantly - patience! for my kids :)
  • In your everyday movement outside the gym?  Feeling better about my body gave me more confidence, which of course carried over in all aspects of life.  
  • In the bedroom?  Having two small children means being tired all of the time, at least it used to for me.  Having more energy, a happier mind-scape and more confidence in my body through the AR allowed me to share more quality time with my husband, inside and outside of the bedroom. 


Were there particular aches, pains, ailments or other areas of discomfort that were alleviated by the Ancestral Reset program?  In what ways were these physical issues impacted?

Losing weight alleviated general discomfort.  The AR program also introduced so much more healthy fat into my diet that pain in my joints went away.  Recovery from workouts was also much better. 


Did you notice any change in your mental acuity and sharpness while on the program?  If so, what were these changes and how did they impact your work?  Your life?    

I went from being foggy brained and having a terrible memory to feeling much more present and focused.  


Did you notice any change to your emotional state of being during the experience?  How did these changes impact your relationship with friends, family, co-workers and most importantly, with yourself?   

There was an undoubtable change in my mental and emotional state.  I felt more evenly tempered and more happy.  There were significantly less mood swings.  I had more patience with my children and driving on the street of LA.  


3) How has this experience equipped you to take responsibility for your diet, rest and movement practice beyond the time of the Ancestral Journey? 

Because of my experience with the AR, I feel like I have the resources I need to feel my best.  It’s an empowering feeling to know that I am in control of how I feel and what my body looks like.  


4)  Please use this space to share anything else that you think future cohorts should know or any feedback about your experience, what you liked, didn’t like, or that we could do better in the future.  

This experience was nothing short of life changing for me.  My body feels completely different than it used to.  I used to feel like a victim to the sleep and hormonal disturbances I experienced after becoming a mother.  I now feel stronger and more powerful than I realized I could be and I attribute that directly to the results I experienced from the AR program.   Tanner made all of the information accessible, was always available to answer questions and always supportive along the way.  The way the program is laid out makes it possible to access the benefits of changing your way of life in an enjoyable way, versus the drudgery of a typical diet.  I absolutely loved the experience I had with the AR program and am extremely grateful that I was able to participate in this group. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.  

Thank you Tanner!!!