34° North Loyalty Rewards Program

Family has always been the core of 34N.  We’re a local family-owned business and our community is an extended family.  We’ve grown organically over the years through your referrals and word of mouth, rather than advertising.  The net effect on the community has been amazing. It started with a small core of motivated and mindful people that referred all their like-minded friends and family.  It’s worked out well, so we want to get our next wave of students from the awesome people we already know.

We’ve always had a referral program, but it’s time we made it more official.

Earn Points by...

  • Write review 3 pts (Google, Yelp, & FB = 9 pts total)

  • Refer friend that buys New Student Week 7 pts

  • Refer friend that buys PT Intro 10 pts

  • Friend buys 5-pack 16 pts

  • Friend buys M2M membership

    • 8wo month 25pts

    • 12wo month 30

    • Unlimited 35 pts

  • Friend buys 3-mo membership/20-pack

    • 8wo month 65 pts

    • 12wo month 80 pts

    • Unlimited 95 pts

  • Friend buys 6-mo membership

    • 8wo month 120 pts

    • 12wo month 150 pts

    • Unlimited 180 pts

  • Friend buys Personal Training 12-pack 150 pts

Redeem points like dollars for the following items...

  • 34N Apparel

  • Classes for you and your friends

  • Supplements, Coffee and food products

  • Group training memberships & packages