5 Fat Burning Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebells are unmatched when it comes to their versatility.  With kettlebells you can burn fat, develop power and strength, build muscle or improve conditioning.  Most of the time you are going to be several of those things at one time. Today, I’m focusing on creating metabolic disturbance (aka fat burning).  All of these workouts will also build strength-endurance and conditioning.

“That’s It?” Swings and Burpees - All Skill Levels

Most of my clients have done this workout at least once.  I get the same reaction every time I explain it for the first time.  Usually they say something like, “That’s it?”

About halfway through this workout I start to see a familiar expression on my client’s faces.  It’s that look that says, “Holy crap, how did this get so hard so fast?”

While this workout is tough, it is totally manageable and should be finished in under 30 minutes.

Put together a good playlist…

A1 – Swings x 25

A2 – Burpees x 1

B1 – Swings x 24

B2 – Burpees x 2

C1 – Swings x 23

C2 – Burpees x 3

D1 – Swings x 22

D2 – Burpees x 4

Continue in this manner decreasing swings by one rep each set and increasing burpees by one rep each set until you do a super set of one swing and twenty-five burpees.  This is a good workout to time so that you set a baseline measure for conditioning.

Beginners should go down only to a high plank (push-up position) at the bottom of their burpees.  Intermediate and advanced trainees should go chest-to-floor at the bottom of their burpees.

Single-Arm Medley – Intermediate Skill Level

Just about the time you start getting really fatigued from one lift it is time to move on to the next one.  This is one of my favorite workouts when I need to train in 20 minutes or less.

A – 1-minute Single-arm Swings (each side)

B – 1-minute Single-arm Cleans (each side)

C – 1-minute Single-arm Push Press (each side)

D – 1-minute Single-arm Front Squat (each side)

E – 1 minute Burpees

Rest 1-minute (at the end of the rest period you will be at the 10-minute mark)

Repeat another round after rest period for 20-minute workout

Texas Two-Step (TTS) - All Skill Levels

Most kettlebell lifts are done in a stationary position.  The footwork in this workout adds an element of coordination, balance and power development in different planes of movement.

You will be doing a two-hand kettlebell swing throughout this entire workout.  Each set begins with two kettlebell swings.  After two swings, do two swings with a forward step alternating which foot leads.  The next swing after the second step forward is a swing with a lateral step to the right followed by another swing with lateral step in the same direction.  The two lateral steps are followed by swings with steps backwards.  The backward steps are followed by two swings with lateral steps to the left.

If you have done this correctly you should have walked in a square and will be standing in the same place you started the set.  Making a full square by taking two steps forward, two steps to the right, two steps back and two steps to the left counts as one rep.  If you start each rep with two stationary swings like you are supposed to, you will perform 10 swings per rep.

Workout Levels (first number refers to sets, second number refers to reps/set)

Beginner Workout – 5 x 3

Intermediate – 5 x 5

Advanced I – 5 x 8

Advanced II – 1 x TTS + 1x Single-arm Snatch (each side), 2x TTS + 2 x SA Snatch, 3x TTS + 3x SA Snatch, 4x TTS + 4x SA Snatch, 5x TTS + 5x SA Snatch

Double Bell Medley – Intermediate to Advanced Skill Level

This is the more advanced version of the Single-Arm Medley workout above.  Once you’ve mastered the Single-Arm Medley give this one a try.

Personally, I prefer swinging double bells and rarely swing with a single bell anymore.

Choose your weights wisely…

2 Rounds of the following

A – 1-minute Double KB Swing

B – 1-minute Double Clean

C – 1-minute Double Push-Press

D – 1-minute KB Front Squat

E – 1-minute 10x Elevated Push-up* + 10x Bent Row

1-minute rest

After second round take a 4-minute rest and then repeat 2 Rounds of the medley

After you give these a try let me know what you think.  I love getting feedback on the workouts I post.