USAKL Kettlebell Lifting Meet


Come meet, compete and hangout with me this April 20 at the USAKL Kettlebell Lifting Meet being held at the Long Beach Kettlebell Club. This is a great opportunity for advanced lifters to test themselves in competition and see how far their training has taken them. It is also a great opportunity for beginner lifters or those thinking about starting kettlebell training to get great positive exposure to the kettlebell community and competition. The kettlebell community at large is one of the warmest and most welcoming group of people I have ever encountered which is a big reason I fell in love with the sport. There are both individual and team events open.

You can check out the USAKL Facebook page for more information and to connect with other competitors and attendees.

"BOLT Standard" Kettlebell Lifting Meet April 20, 2013 @ Long Beach Kettlebell Club

Individual Registration: 25$ (compete in 1-4 lifts) 1) Double Half Snatch 2) Double Jerk 3) 1 Arm Snatch 4) 1 Arm Clean & Jerk Registration Link:

Team Relay Registration: 100$ -The clock will run for 20 minutes. Switching lifters every 5 minutes (there is no break in between lifters). Each of the 4 lifts are done in order (so each person picks a different lift to do) Registration Link:

BOLT Specialized Rules -You may switch hands as many times as you like -You may set the kettlebell(s) on the ground at any point during your set without termination of your set. -scoring is done by volume not by reps