Designing Your Ideal Day

BTC Exercise 1 graphic

The purpose of this exercise is to assist you in creating a life on your terms.  The key to creating an extraordinary lifestyle is to ensure that the design of each and every day fits your vision.  Everyone dreams of certain parts of a lifestyle, such as what car they would be driving or what kind of partner they would have, but people rarely use their dreams to design their entire ideal day.  The reason this is important is because once you have created the vision of how you want to live life everyday, the path to get there becomes clear.  Think of it this way: how can you hit the bullseye if you don’t have a target?

Follow the step-by-step process outlined in this exercise to discover your ideal life.  By discovering your ideal lifestyle you will also start to uncover what you must do to get there.

Find a place where you can focus without any interruptions for the next 30 to 45 minutes.  Once you start, do not stop until you are totally done.  The biggest challenge in this exercise is not limiting yourself.  This is your ideal day and nothing is outside of your grasp.

Answer the following questions:

Step 1: Starting your day

-        What time is it when you wake up?

-        Where are you waking up?  What is around you?  What do you see?

-        Who is with you?

-        What are you excited and thankful for as you wake up?

-        What is possible today?

-        What is the first thing you do when you get out of bed?

-        What is your morning routine?  Do you eat breakfast, if so what do you make (or who makes it for you)?

-        Write everything that comes to your head for the next 5 minutes.  Try to get as many details down as possible.

Step 2: Keep the momentum going

-        You’ve just had an amazing start to your day.  Now what do you do next?

-        Ask yourself Who/What/When/Where questions.  Who is involved?  What are you doing?  When or what time do things happen in your day?  Where do you go?

-        Also ask yourself how you feel throughout the day?  What is your energy like?  What are you excited about?  Are the projects or challenges you undertake captivating?

-        What does every step along the way in your day look like?

-        A few other things to get you thinking:

  • Describe your health and fitness.
  • Describe your emotional state.
  • What are your relationships like?
  • Describe your business, job, career, and/or mission.
  • Describe your financial situation.
  • What are you contributing?

Step 3: Finishing your day

-        Now you’re almost done with your ideal day.  Congratulations, you’ve had amazing day.  How do you end your ideal day?

-        What is your routine before bed?

-        Who is with you?

-        What are your thoughts and emotions like as you finish your day?

-        Write down whatever comes to your head up until the point at which you lay down and close your eyes to fall asleep.