Labor Day Workout Program - Day 2: Strength (Level I)

The Day 2 Strength workout that I posted last night that is meant to be done today is a pretty advanced workout.  For those unfamiliar with the Turkish Getup I would not recommend attempting it without professional supervision.  In an effort to keep all the workouts accessible I will post a Level I and Level II workout. The following gym workout is an easier and less technically demanding workout than the one I posted last night.  Enjoy!

Gym Workout

10-minute joint mobility and dynamic warm-up


20x Kettlebell Swing (KBS) + 10x Hanging Leg Raise (HLR) w/ 2 second pause at top

Perform 3 rounds


20 meter Quadruped Walk

3 rounds with 30-60 seconds of jumping jacks for active rest

Note: A Quadruped walk is similar to a bear crawl except you want to keep your butt down so that your spine is parallel to the floor.  When you move you want to concentrate on lifting the opposite hand and leg at the same time.  For example, when you pick up your left hand to move forward your right foot will move in sync.  Trust me, it's harder than it sounds if you are doing it right.  This is a great core and coordination exercise.


5x Deadlift (DL) @ between 70-80% 1RM + 5x Single-arm Dumbbell Press

Perform 4 Rounds


10x DL @ 50% 1RM + 25x Jump Squat

Perform 3 rounds, no breaks


Cool down