Gyms in Santa Monica Can Help You Perfect Your Kettlebell Technique

Male Athlete Lifting Kettlebell

When it comes to working-out technique is everything. There’s nothing worse than scorching your motivation with a silly, avoidable injury.  Many people enter the gym without any idea on how to workout. In fact, most folks who are entering the world of regular exercise forget to take into account that their bodies have drastically changed since high school or college.

When stepping back into the gym, it’s a great idea to get in touch with good personal trainer in Santa Monica to help ease you into a safe workout plan. Being eager is a great attribute to have about your health, but being too eager to start pump iron can end up having a negative affect on your body in the long run.

Gyms in Santa Monica, like 34 North are a great place to start, when thinking of getting back in touch with those muscles. They can help you get reacquainted with all of the equipment and movements you may have forgotten about.

One item that is currently a large part of successful training facilities is the kettlebell. You know, the cannonball-with-handle!  If there is ever a piece of equipment that is incorrectly used, it’s the kettlebell. Here’s a couple tips to keep in mind before and while mixing in a kettlebell into your workout routine:

1.      Brace yourself. 
If your back hurts, something is out of whack. Chances are you’re either rounding your back by not bracing your core and retracting your shoulder blades. Or you’re initiating the descent of the kettlebell with your chest, allowing your torso to drop to the floor. Start and finish the swing by loading, firing, and hinging at the hips.

2.       Stand over the kettlebell with feet hip-width apart, chest up, shoulders back and down. Start with the bell one foot distance in front of you, lined up with the middle of your stance. Choose a kettlebell that allows you to swing with perfect technique while still challenging you. Consider starting and practicing with a ‘bell much lighter than what you’ll eventually use to work out so that you can practice your form.

The benefits of proper kettlebell use are innumerable. Not only does it build total body strength, but it also promotes improved cardiovascular stamina, power and balance.

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