Mathieu Lesgourgues , Sports & Performance Specialist

Mathieu Lesgourgues, Sports & Performance Specialist

Mathieu grew up in the Southwest of France with two dreams: to be a professional athlete and to create a life in USA. After 10 years of playing professional rugby he decided to pursue his second dream and moved from France to USA in 2013.  

He focused his new career on using his own experiences toward the fitness industry and coaching.  He started with teaching rugby in Los Angeles Middle Schools, then became a UCLA rugby coach. On top of that, Mathieu started his personal training career at Equinox for a year then decided to join his new family at 34 North Gym.

He specializes in Strength and Conditioning, Sports Performance, and Weight Management training.  Being a pro athlete for many years gave him a strong mental toughness, knowledge in training and how to create a healthy lifestyle.

Using this experience, he now develops his new passion helping people to be healthier, happier, and confident through personal training.
Currently Mathieu still plays rugby, for Santa Monica Rugby Club and also has the opportunity to play for the USA Classic Team in the Rugby World Cup and other tours.


ISSA CPT, Strength & Conditioning, Sports Performance, Athletic Training