Sarah Harris, Group Leader & Performance Specialist

Sarah Harris, Group Leader & Performance Specialist

Sarah has been passionate about health, nutrition and sports since she was young; this passion has driven her to help others in the fitness industry for the last 10 years. Sarah loves to share her healthy lifestyle with others. She has played rugby for 13 years (during which time she has trained many of her teammates), competed in numerous 5K road races and been featured in workout videos for Hyperwear, for whom she is also a Master Trainer and Ambassador. She is also the On-Site Fitness Coordinator for the Sound Body Sound Mind Foundation’s pilot fitness program with the Los Angeles Unified School District. In this role she has the opportunity to help educators and students alike find the benefits of fitness and proper fitness principles.

Sarah takes a holistic approach to training and hopes to revolutionize the way that people think about their own health. She believes that everyone has a different and individual journey to their healthier self; a journey based upon moving with strength & efficiency, incorporating proper nutrition, keeping a positive mental approach and enjoying life to its fullest. 

Sarah’s training programs are focused on individual goals and pushing each person to their full potential.  She specializes in sport specific training, functional movement, strength progression, and nutrition plans to achieve maximum results.


FRCm, Fit for Birth Certified Pre- and Post-natal Trainer, Certified Personal Trainer through NASM & EFTI (Equinox Fitness & Training Institute), Precision Nutrition Pn1, Certified Kettlebell Instructor and continues to educate herself on the human body & its never-ending capabilities.

When she isn’t on the rugby pitch or running she is hiking, cooking up something new & nutritious in the kitchen, or working with the awesome Sound Body Sound Mind Foundation.