Hand Balancing Workshop by Miguel Sant'ana

Miguel Sant'ana makes the elusive art of hand balancing look effortless. If you have ever attempted it yourself you know it's not!! It takes perseverance, core strength, focus and flexibility. Miguel's technique will give you the foundation to start this journey or take you to the next level in your practice.

The workshop runs in 3 parts - 

I. Flexibility, mobility and strength focusing primarily on the shoulders and wrists.

II. Handstand progressions. Miguel will teach his technique of whole body position from fingers to toes to achieve a straight, aesthetic, and solid handstand. Students will build confidence getting inverted and developing proper positioning. For more advanced students Miguel will be teaching jumps to handstand and press to handstand. You will also learn three head positions, Mexican shape , One arm handstand and much more. Depending on skill level he will also include handstand walking, handstand push up, parallel bars (L-sit, straddle sit,V-sit) , Rope , Bars (legs up , strict muscle up , chin up etc..)

III. Miguel's unique core strengthening exercises

The workshop is suitable for all levels.

The cost of this workshop is $75.  Register for the event on our Gym Schedule.  We are limiting the amount of attendees so save your spot now!

For more information about Miguel or to see his grace, strength and skill for yourself go to his Facebook page and checkout his Youtube channel.