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Detox Retreat Day

  • 34 North 34 NORTH , 2723 LINCOLN BOULEVARD SANTA MONICA, CA, 90405 United States (map)

Kickoff our week on detoxification with a guided day of gentle detox and healing for the body, mind and spirit led by the 34° North instructors.

Start day at 34° North with a breath integration session led by Tanner and a gentle movement practice led by JQ and Brian.  These sessions will unblock stagnations so that energy and circulation can begin moving freely, which in turn starts to open detoxification pathways.  

Prior to starting the breath and movement session you’ll be given cold pressed juices from Rejuice that will help facilitate detoxification, gut healing and provide you with energy for your day.   

After the movement session we’ll take the group to Vodaspa in WeHo for two hours of hot/cold contrast therapy, which is the core of the detoxification and healing experience.  Voda is a coed facility that the entire group can enjoy together so this will be a fun opportunity to socialize.  Vodaspa is an incredible facility for a unique and invigorating cleansing experience.  

Prior to beginning the experience at Vodaspa you’ll be given another juice from Rejuice that will optimize your experience and help bolster nutrient levels prior to the spa.  Your instructors will be there to lead you through every part of the experience.  Before leaving Vodaspa everyone will have time to use the facilities to shower and change clothes.  

We’ll finish the night by providing the group with a delicious vegetarian dinner at Gracias Madre located just minutes from Vodaspa.  We picked Gracias Madre for it’s organic locally sourced menu options, delicious reputation, location near Voda and because it’s best to eat easily digestible vegetarian fare after a day of intensive detoxification.  

The all-inclusive cost for this day of detoxification, relaxation and community is $189.  Please email to rsvp or if you have any questions.  We’ll reply with a confirmation and instructions for what to do the night before the Detox Retreat Day to prepare your body and mind.  

The 34° North family is incredibly excited to share this experience with you.  In addition to the experience you’ll learn numerous “black belt” heal and reboot techniques we employ regularly so that you can add them to your self-maintenance tool kit.


  • Meet at 34° North at 10am and set intentions for the day

  • 10:15am - Lemon, Ginger, Cayenne juice shot from Rejuice to stimulate circulation and open detox pathways

  • 10:20am - Breathing session to oxygenate the body and stimulate circulation led by Tanner

  • 10:45-11:45am - Gentle Movement Session led by Brian and JQ meant to break up energy and circulatory blockages that will further help open up detoxification pathways

  • 11:45am - 2nd Rejuice detox mixture to drink during commute

  • 12:30-3pm - Voda Spa Detoxification Circuit

  • 3pm - 4pm - Change at Spa

  • 6pm - Final instructions for what to do over the next week.


What's Included: 

  • Rejuice Detox Juice Package

  • Day pass to Voda Spa

  • Pre-Fix Dinner at Gracias Madre

  • INVESTMENT: $189 per person*

*If you want to schedule a massage or additional service we have secured a 10% discount for anyone in our group. '


Please email Lauren Martty by March 1st at to confirm your attendance. On event day you can drive to Voda Spa and or some of us will be carpooling, in which case you can leave your car at the gym.