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Ancestral Reset v3.0 Launch Meeting

It’s nearing the time for another group of Ancestral Travelers to begin their exploration into Ancestral Living.  

I’m taking a maximum of 6 people in this group and have only 3 spots left.  

We’ll begin with our first cohort meeting on Saturday, September 15th at 11am and conclude our 10-weeks just before Thanksgiving.  There will be four group meetings, 1on1 coaching calls/in-person meetings, a group dinner Lo and I host at our house, and some optional events to expand your experience.  

The first two cohorts were a great success.  

The pioneers of this program experienced increases in mental and physical energy, greater clarity and emotional balance, improved recovery from physical activity, increased sex drive, younger more vibrant skin, and some improvements in body composition that frankly blew me away.  

Many of our travelers accomplished what prevailing Bro-science and grocery store fitness magazines would lead you to believe is impossible - building muscle while losing a substantial amount of body fat.  

A few of our travelers had optional blood work panels drawn that indicated some dramatic improvements in heart health, inflammatory markers, and markers for metabolic syndrome!!

We’ve also had some very specific results that were interesting, like

Evan discontinuing his ADHD and acid reflux medication and feeling great,  

a massive improvement in the symptoms Leah experiences from an autoimmune disease Sjögren's Syndrome,

Eczema clearing up and then disappearing, 

the end of Levi’s chronic achilles tendinitis allowing him to start training for a marathon, 

and one traveler finally getting relief from the IBS she had been suffering from for almost 15 years.  

Those are some very specific results, ones that I certainly don’t guarantee, but interesting nonetheless.  The general consensus from the Ancestral Travelers who’ve gone before you is that they feel like a better, lighter, clearer, more energetic and less encumbered version of themselves.

Regardless of the success we’ve had I’m always increasing my knowledge, learning new techniques, and remaining open to improving the Ancestral Reset program structure and execution, which is why I’ve taken some time before starting Ancestral Reset v3.0.  I wanted to take a step back from leading a group so I could retool some things to improve the experience and the results.  

Among the changes and tweaks the biggest is a clear shift in emphasizing the integration of an ancestral lifestyle, not just an ancestral diet.  

Yes, nutrition is a HUGE piece of the wellness puzzle and certainly a cornerstone of the Ancestral Reset program, however, what you eat is still only one aspect of the experience.  In fact you could be eating the right kind of food in the right amounts, while remaining disconnected and desensitized from the experience and how food makes you feel.  

There are other elements to ancestral living in the modern world that deserve equal levels of attentiveness.  These elements were apart of the first two cohorts, but ones that I needed to do a better job of presenting and integrating into the weekly experience.  

  • the importance of good sleep and how to get it

  • breath work

  • developing greater levels of self-awareness through a mindfulness practice…so crucial when you remove sugar and other vices

  • the cyclical nature of all life; the balance of expansion and contraction

  • mindfully disconnecting from the matrix

  • communing with nature and connecting with your animal nature

  • communing with a tribe of like-minded people

The cost of the program is $1500. Before starting the program you’ll need a DXA body composition scan by Monday, September 17th.  

If you’re seriously interested and have any questions I’m happy to setup a time for a phone call or in-person meeting with you.  

Please let me know ASAP if you want to talk so we can schedule some time.  

Be Strong, Move Beautifully,