Venus Lau, Master Instructor

Venus Lau, Master Instructor

Venus Lau is located in Los Angeles, California and has been training clients since 2007.  As a kid she played every sport available to her and even got her own gym membership at the age of 13.  After losing both of her parents to cancer, she made her love of fitness a reality and became a personal trainer to energize and “awesome”-ize others.

Her constant curiosity with the body and mind led her to acquire multiple training certifications (NASM-CPT, Kettlebell, TRX, Animal Flow Instructor Level 2, Yoga Alliance 200 Hr, Onnit Academy, Equinox-EFTI, Boxing). Venus also has the unique background of playing NCAA Division-I golf for Baylor University. She has coached a variety of classes… TRX, Movement Fusion, Golf Fitness, Sports Performance, Animal Flow, and Fitness Retreats. 

Venus has many years of athletic/fitness experience, including 10 years of competitive golf and 7 years of competitive swimming and has trained with multiple strength and conditioning coaches.  To stay up to date with the current health & fitness community she attends continued educational courses and acquires new certifications with notable instructors and doctors on a yearly basis (i.e. Stop Chasing Pain-Dr. Perry Nickelston, Wim Hof Method/Breathwork, Clubbells, Bulgarian Bag, Battle Ropes, Steel Mace…).

Her energetic nature and sense of humor suit all types of individuals. Actors, athletes, other trainers, post-injury clients, and fitness enthusiasts she has trained them all. And she also uses a variety of methods to train each client for their individual goals.  She believes in multiple approaches to reaching fitness/health goals because all individuals are unique, from the anatomy of their body to the energy of their mental state.

Venus’s approach to fitness is MINDFUL MOVEMENT – balance, posture, strength, function, breathwork, and performance with the latest fitness knowledge for her clients to achieve their goals.

"MOVE TO LIVE AWESOME." -  “The intention of the exercise is just as important as the movement.  We must take our body through full ranges of motion, matching strength/flexibility/stability, connect your breath/rhythm, and actually enjoy the exercise for the movement to reach its full potential of effectiveness and achieve any goal we set.” - Venus Lau


Certified Fitness Trainer, Movement Coach & Golf Performance Coach: NASM-CPT, Kettlebell, Animal Flow (Level 2), 200 Hr Yoga Alliance, Onnit Academy, TRX, FRCms (Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist), Equinox-EFTI, Boxing Certified, Sports Model, and former NCAA, Division-I Golfer.  

Additional training:

Wim Hof Breathwork, Meditation, Primal Chains Movement, Bulgarian bag, Clubbell, Steel mace, Battleropes, and quarterly ongoing training.