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Move, Heal, and Connect at Santa Monica’s Premier Holistic Fitness Gym

34° North is a gym based in Santa Monica, CA. We teach simple & effective fitness systems that put you on the path to becoming superhuman.

Fitness and wellness
are a journey,
not a destination.
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At 34° North, we teach simple and effective holistic fitness systems to start you on the path toward superhuman health and mobility. Based in Santa Monica, we offer a variety of personal training packages and group training memberships to fitness enthusiasts and novices alike. Through purpose-driven training and community-centered experiences, we focus on fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness. The result: a sustainable practice that supports lifelong, whole-body health.

Whether you are interested in our one-on-one or group classes, we offer fitness services tailored to your individual needs—regardless of your skill level or desired result. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will meet you where you are to help you reach your goals. From personal fitness, to community-centered workouts and intensive bodywork, we’ve developed an integrated fitness model that keeps you feeling, moving, and looking your best.

  • 2723 Lincoln Blvd.,
    Santa Monica, CA 90405
Mon. - Fri.:
5:00am - 9:00 Pm
6:00am - 14:00 Pm
8:00am - 12:00 Pm

Community Fitness Classes and Transformational Bodywork for Sustainable Health

We strive in our work to build people’s confidence. Through a combination of personal training, community fitness, and transformative bodywork, our highly skilled trainers work with each member to implement lasting lifestyle changes that extend far beyond the walls of our gym.

To supplement your fitness practice, our onsite chiropractor will work with you to realign and revitalize your body through a series of soft tissue release, active stretching, corrective exercises and manual adjustments. Our massage and stretch therapists additionally use a combination of soft tissue release and passive and active stretching to relax neurological tension, alleviate pain, increase active range of motion, and promote mobility, strength and endurance. Each session builds upon the last to provide you with greater body knowledge and healing practices.

No matter your goals, our team of professionals is trained to lend you support, advocacy, and personalized guidance. We welcome all levels of experience and ability to the 34° North community. Become a member today — we are happy to have you.

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