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Body Re:Build in Santa Monica – a Comprehensive Alternative to Traditional Physical Therapy

Do you feel broken, like you need to be put back together? Body Re:Build is a holistic alternative to traditional physical therapy that combines functional mobility training, bodywork, stretching, breath work, strength training, and nutrition consulting to rebuild your body from the foundation up!

34° North uses Body Re:Build to help Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Venice, Los Angeles, and Culver City live healthier, happier lives.

Your body is a miraculous bio-machine that, with proper care, encourages a happy life and an enjoyable relationship with movement. Injuries, inactivity, illness, and certain trappings of modern living can create a disconnect in the relationship you have with your body and movement. Body Re:Build is a method for providing the level of self-care necessary to re-establish those connections. Our approach combines functional mobility training (FRC), passive stretch & release, assisted stretching, stability exercises, core training and breath work to assess and identify problems before they become impediments. Body Re:Build also improves physical performance and joint health, and it can continue care after or alongside chiropractic and traditional physical therapy work. 

In addition to the work you’ll do at 34° North under the guidance our therapists, you’ll receive a customized stretch therapy and movement training program to follow at home to support your foundation building progress.

We go through a detailed, joint-by-joint analysis of your body – documenting current ranges, gait, and tissue adaptations with photo and video – to quantifiably track your progress with weekly or monthly check-ins. You tell us where you want to go on your journey then we tell you where you’re at and which steps will take you in the right direction.

We offer Body Re:build movement therapy sessions in 30 or 60-minute sessions.

Body Rebuild Session
Body Rebuild Session

Mobility Training & Lymphatic Movement Therapy for a Healthier & Happier Los Angeles

Body Re:Build isn’t only for those that are broken, injured, or in need of physical therapy.  It’s also ideal for anyone who wants to move with more mobility, fluidity, sensitivity and connectivity to their environment. It’s the kind of movement training that builds strong and broad foundations that support more complex, dynamic, explosive and sustainable injury-free movement. 

Schedule a 90-minute full body mobility assessment if you’re an athlete, performer, or physical culture enthusiast in the Los Angeles area that wants to move better. We’ll identify the sources of restriction and then begin the work to unlock greater levels of mobility and control so you can enjoy movement freedom!

Do you have feelings of chronic fatigue, stiffness, poor circulation, brain fog, or digestive issues? You may be experiencing a sluggish lymphatic system! The lymph system helps clear toxins from the body and can easily get blocked due to stress, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, and immobility. Lymph movement therapy is a gentle way to kick start a stagnant lymphatic system to get your body feeling its best.

Lymphatic movement therapy and full body mobility assessment appointments are only offered as 90-minute sessions because of the time it takes our therapist to thoroughly work through and treat the entire body. Clients who undergo full body assessments generally transition to 30 or 60-minute mobility training sessions ongoing. 

Rebuild your body and ability to enjoy movement with 34° North.  Call us today at 310-730-3944 to take the first step. 

Interested, but still have questions? Fill out a Contact Us form to setup a time to talk to a movement therapist.   

Stretch Sessions

30min Body Rebuild Packages

  • Single session - $75
  • 6-pack   - $432 ($72 each)
  • 12-pack - $840 ($70 each)

60min Stretch Packages

  • Single session - $150
  • 6-pack   - $864 ($144 each)
  • 12-pack - $1680 ($140 each)

90min - $225

For full body joint-by-joint assessment and lymphatic treatments

*Gratuity is included in pricing

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