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Chiropractic Care from Santa Monica’s Wellness Experts

Chiropractic care is a crucial aspect of whole-body wellness. At 34° North in Santa Monica we pair our exercise programs with chiropractic work to create an integrated health practice for sustainable wellbeing. Our on-site chiropractor, Dr. Amanda Star, begins with an initial joint-by-joint assessment, followed by manual bodywork to relax the neurological tension. After determining which areas need realignment, Dr. Star uses a combination of active stretching, manual release, and skeletal adjustment to realign the body.

Our chiropractic sessions are not the short, quick, crack-you-and-let-you-go kind. Rather, we invest in an intensive, in-depth, and personalized experience with each patient. We schedule regular follow-up sessions and advise on at-home exercises to ensure our adjustments last.

Realign Your Body with Our Onsite Chiropractor

If you’re suffering from acute or chronic pain, or in recovery or rehabilitation from a significant injury, we recommend chiropractic work. Dr. Star, 34° North’s onsite chiropractor, assesses each joint to realign the spine accordingly. Through a combination of manual techniques, we work to heal the root cause of the pain, rather than simply treat its symptoms.

After regular chiropractic care, our patients experience pain reduction, increased range of motion, improved health, and accelerated healing. We encourage patients to follow chiropractic care with massage and stretch therapy for lasting balance and revitalization. Call us at 310-730-6244 to setup an appointment or fill out the contact form to setup a time for a phone consultation if you have questions.

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