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2nd Annual Winter Pentathlon

We’re so excited to be putting on the 2nd Annual 34° North Winter Pentathlon (Dec. 9-14).  Last year’s event was one of the shining highlights of 2018.  


Read on for a detailed schedule of events, event rules, and Pentathlon FAQs.  The cost of registration is $40, which includes entry into all five events and a chance to win glory and prizes.  


The deadline for registration is Saturday, November 30.  Sign up now!!


The Events


Event 1 - Gymnastic Ring Flow


The Pentathlon kicks off on Monday, December 9th with the Gymnastic Rings Flow, our most technical event, to test your upper body strength, movement skill and endurance.  The event will be held during all Monday Monday Fluxio & Upper body classes and regularly scheduled PT sessions for participating PT clients.  


Each participant will have a choice of three routines - beginner, intermediate and advanced difficulty levels. 

Advanced Routine

Intermediate Routine

Beginner Routine


You’ll earn points for the level of difficulty of your routine and judged on the quality of execution for the skills you perform.  If you can’t do something, mess up, or have less than perfect technique keep in mind it’s just a point deduction not a reason not to participate.


After an extensive warm-up with joint prep, you’ll get a short demonstration of the routines with some time for Q&A and individual practice followed by everyone doing their ring flows.  Your flow will be recorded and reviewed by the judges Monday evening to determine placement.


Event 2 - 1-Rep Max Deadlift


The second event is the 1-Rep Max Deadlift and will be held on Tuesday, December 10th in all the Omnis & Legs classes and regularly scheduled PT sessions for participating PT clients.  


Classes will start with an extensive warm-up and joint prep followed by a 10-minute period for everyone to do deadlift specific warm-ups in preparation leading up to 1-rep max attempts.  After the 10-minute specific warm-up everyone will get four chances to pull their best 1-rep max.  Winners will be determined by most weight lifted; there is no adjustment for bodyweight.  


Class will finish with regularly scheduled week 6 programming.


For a rep to count you must lift the bar up until your hips come to full extension and then hold for a two count without excessive rounding of the back.  Mortgaging future wellness for present day glory is a sucker’s game, so our instructors will be critical of technique and have the authority to stop any attempts that exhibit unsafe technique, considering them a no count.  


You may use a traditional or sumo deadlift stance.  You may not use straps, grips or any grip enhancement device aside from chalk.  


Event 3 - Pull-Push Resilience Challenge


On Thursday, December 12th we’re holding the Pull-Push Resilience event during all Fluxio & Upper body classes and regularly scheduled PT sessions for participating clients.  


Class will start with an extensive warm-up and joint prep and then move right into the Pull-Push challenge while everyone is fresh.  


Men will complete one set of as many bodyweight bar chinups (underhand) as possible followed immediately by one set of as many bodyweight ring dips as possible.  Your score is the total number of repetitions of chinups and dips combined.  If, for example, you do 7 chinups and 10 dips your score is 17.  


Ladies will complete one set of as many black band assisted bar chinups as possible followed immediately by one set of as many ring pushups set at 1’.  


The pull-up standard for men and women is that every rep starts and ends with straight elbows and that your chin must travel higher than the top of the bar for reps to count.  No kipping!!!


The standard for dips and ring pushups is that every rep must start and end with straight elbows and that the bicep/shoulder must touch the top of the rings on the way down to count.  You must also maintain a hollow body position, so no arched backs or sagging hips.  


Event 4 - 2-minute Snatch Test


On Friday, December 13th we’ll be holding the 2-minute Snatch Test in all the Omnis & Legs classes and regularly scheduled PT sessions.  


Class will start with an extensive warm-up and joint prep followed by 5-minutes for everyone to do solo snatch practice on their own in preparation for the snatch test. Then everyone gets their chance at 2-minutes of glory, pain, and snatching.  Class will finish with regularly scheduled week 6 programming.  


The snatch standard is that the handle of the bell must come to a momentary stop directly above the shoulder while maintaining a straight elbow.  You may switch hands and set the bell down as many times as you like during your 2-minute set.  No rep deductions for curses, bleeding or snot bubbles (Erica Sin is with us in spirit).  


34N Snatch Weight Classes


Mens Open Division


>/= 210 lbs lifts 28kg


170 to 209 lbs lifts 24kg



Womens Open Division


>/= 130 lbs  lifts 14 kg


115 to 129 lifts 12kg



Mens and Womens Masters Division (50+) have the choice to drop one bell weight down from the Open Division weight class standard.  


*If you can’t safely complete a set with your required weight you’re welcome to use a lighter weight so you can set a standard of measure for the future but you will not be eligible to win the event.  


Event 5 - The Eliminator


Our final event is the Eliminator held on Saturday, December 14 between 9:00am and 1pm.  


We’ll be starting competitors in 4-person waves every 15 minutes based on the Pentathlon leaderboard.  Lowest point totals after four events will start earliest and highest point totals start later, so you can earn the advantage of knowing what time to beat with a high point total going into the final event.  You’ll find out your start time the day before on Friday afternoon (Dec. 13).  


This year’s Eliminator is a six skill gauntlet testing movement skill & precision, strength, resilience, guile, and performance under pressure.  


  • The Ninja Burglar - Make your way through an obstacle course without touching anything other than the floor with your hands, feet, and a maximum of one elbow or knee at a time.  Think the laser beam security system from Entrapment
  • Sled Push three laps down and back (aka six lengths of the gym).  Women and Men push 3 and 5 plates respectively.  
  • 2000 kg Kettlebell Swing - Pick any weight KB you like and then swing it until you’ve accumulated 2000 kg’s of swings.  Your hands must reach chest height with your body in a tall plank for reps to count.  Set the bell down as many times as necessary.  Examples in the Rep Reference table below:
    • 2000kg / 48 kg bell = 42 swings
    • 2000kg / 36 kg bell = 56 swings
    • 2000kg / 28 kg bell = 72 swings
    • 2000kg / 20 kg bell = 100 swings
  • Half Mile Run around the block navigating the usual assortment of Bird scooters, yard cacti, dogs walking, and dog poop with legs that will feel like pillars of cement.  
  • Quadruped Walk one lap down and back while balance a yoga block on your lower back.  Every time you drop the thai pad it’s a 5 second penalty added to your overall time.  This skill determined the Eliminator winner and the overall Pentathlon champion for the Men’s division last year.  
  • Surprise skill....We have a special ending this year. ;-)


Pentathlon Scoring


Here’s what my brain trust came up with.


10 points for a 1st place finish in an event.


9 points for a 2nd place finish.


7 points for a 3rd place finish.


5 points for a 4th place finish.


3 points for a 5th place finish.  


0 points for 6th place or lower finish.


We’ll total everyone’s points at the end of five events to determine the overall winners, runners up and so on.  This system rewards the most well rounded Northerners consistently finishing in the top five rather than someone who excels at only a couple events.  


Pentathlon FAQ

If I'm not on an unlimited membership do I have to use classes from my package or membership to compete in the four events that take place during class time? 

No!  If you're not an unlimited member all you have to do is let us know what class time you want to attend in advance so we can save a spot for you without deducting a class from your package or membership and so we have enough judges.  If you don't let us know in advance we can't promise you a space in class.


Can I purchase entry to compete in singular events if I don’t want to do the entire Pentathlon?  


In a word...No...If you want to compete and be judged in an event you’re welcome to sign up for class on the day the event takes place to take your turn and be judged but you will not be eligible for placing or prizes.  


Do I have to complete all the events to place in the final standings?  


No, but we strongly encourage you to at least make an attempt.  The spirit of the 34N philosophy is to apply your full effort and engagement to any challenge, especially when chances of success aren’t in your favor.  


Kudos to anyone who can finish on the final leaderboard without completing all the events, though.  


What do I win?  


Prizes, glory and self-satisfaction.  If the prizes you stand to win are the determining factor in your participation or not you’re considering this from the wrong perspective.  


Do I have to be a member to compete?  


Yes...You must be either a member, Gympasser or PT client.  


When is the deadline for signup?  


Saturday, November 30th. 


Does my Pentathlon registration include a ticket to the Holiday Party on Saturday, December 14?  


No...Holiday party tickets are purchased separately.  


What if I can’t make it to the gym on the day of an event?  Are there makeup opportunities?  


Yes, limited makeups can be accommodated for Events 1-4...But, you must do your makeup at one of the appointed times below that takes place before the event takes place for the rest of the group.  


No makeups will be allowed after the rest of the group has competed.  No makeups for the Eliminator. 


Event makeup schedule by appointment during the following times. (Email


All Events                    Sat. Dec. 7 (8-12pm)


Gymnastic Ring Flow *Sat. 12/7 from 8 to 12pm is only availability*


1-RM Deadlift               *Sat. 12/7 from 8 to 12pm is only availability*


Pull-Push Challenge     Weds. Dec. 11 (6-9:30a and 5-8p)


2-Minute Snatch          Weds. Dec. 11 (6-9:30a) & Thurs. Dec. 12 (5-7p)


Email to schedule makeups.  Subject line re: Pentathlon makeup.  


Verbal makeup requests made in person to any 34N staff will be politely heard and then completely ignored and forgotten.  


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