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Do the Splits

Do the Splits with Sarah Costanza (November 9)

Saturday, November 9 (12 to 2pm) - Explore Movement & Mobility; Expand Knowledge


Back by popular demand!  Do the splits!  


Splits look cool, sure, but they take time, patience, intention, and effort to achieve.  So much more than meets the eye - your joints AND your nervous system must be able to adapt to new ranges, your tissues must be under enough tension to lengthen, but not beyond their available capacity.  It’s a fine balance of internal forces, poetic in its own right. 


We’ll show you the most effective, accessible way to accomplish your goals - whether that be just feeling better in your body, working toward splits, or everything in between.


This workshop is NOT just about doing the splits.  It’s perfect for anyone who:


  • wants to achieve greater functional mobility, i.e. closing the gap between active and passive ranges of motion

  • wants to understand how adaptations in your joint architecture are created through a structured program

  • wants to learn about the mechanics of the spine, hips, knees, and ankles and how they work together

  • would like to improve ability in hand balancing, ring training, squats, running, and general functional athleticism

  • is looking to reduce the risk of future injury,

  • And wants to do the splits, of course!

Sign Up Now!  We’re limiting this to 10 spaces.  


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