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Remote Coaching Program

The focus of our remote coaching program is to provide the structure, coaching, support and accountability you need on your journey of movement and mastery. 

34°N Remote Training is the next chapter of the journey…

Foundation is the first program.  Members will get programming with 34N exercise standards and coaching feedback orienting them towards developing foundation movement competency, strength, mobility, resilience, while also introducing breath control and self-awareness concepts.

We’ll deliver the program through TrueCoach, which supports discipline and accountability.  Add a healthy diet and balanced living and you’ll have a daily practice that will transform the way your body looks, feels and moves.  

Foundation Program Options

We're offering two levels of support for Remote Coaching.  Both programs get delivered to you at the start of every month with video and written instructions for every exercise and routine.   

  • $99/month Foundation Program Only - This is the budget conscious option for the self starters that don’t want coaching feedback.  

  • $169/month Foundation Program + Coaching - This is the best option if you want coaching and accountability. You'll be able to upload videos of yourself training so we can give you coaching feedback. You'll also be able to message us with any questions.  We'll reply within 48 hours.

I’ve created the structure for two versions of the Foundation program - 

  • Full Gym is the best choice if you have gym access or a great home gym setup.  If you live near us in Santa Monica you can get an Open Gym membership and train in the facility where the program was created.  (Email to inquire about Open Gym).

  • For the Minimalist version you’ll need access to a pullup bar, a kettlebell and a few items you probably have around the house or can go pickup at the hardware store for cheap.  


After you click the link and purchase your new program this is what will happen...

  1. You'll receive a receipt for your purchase and welcome email in your inbox that will get you prepared to begin and include some questions that will help us create the right program for you.  

  2. You'll reply to the welcome email questions with the date you want your program to begin.  We're creating a program tailored for you so it may take us a couple days for Step 3.  

  3. You'll receive an email prompting you to login to the program we created for you on TrueCoach.  The program includes video and written instructions for every exercise and routine.

  4. Once you have your program it's time to get to work.  You'll have the ability to upload videos of yourself going through the program so we can provide coaching feedback.  

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