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Massage Therapy from Santa Monica Wellness Specialists

34° North offers deep-tissue, transformative massage therapy straight from our Santa Monica office. While stretch therapy specifically targets joints, massage therapy works directly with the tissue. By manually applying force to the tissue, we relax the nervous system to release tension, increase blood flow, and stimulate healing.

No matter the source of your tension—post-exercise stiffness, chronic pain, or daily stress—the nervous system functions as the body’s stress regulator. Our therapists use manual techniques, breathwork, and other somatic healing methods to relax the nervous system in order to rebalance the body. This transformational work integrates and dissolves physical, psychological, and emotional stress to restore your health and revitalize your body.

Relax and Heal with Therapeutic Massage

The benefits of therapeutic massage extend beyond relaxation. At 34° North, we use massage therapy as a healing and preventive care practice. Our techniques not only support rapid pain recovery, but also reduce the risk of future injury. Massage increases the body’s natural circulation and oxygenation, resulting in an increased range of motion, and a decreased recovery time between exercise sessions. We’ll keep you feeling, and moving, your best.

We integrate massage therapy with our other amenities to provide full-service, whole-body health and healing. Most of our members combine massage therapy with at least one of our other fitness services, as each practice is designed to compliment one another. Become a member today to take advantage of the wellness opportunities 34° North has to offer.

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