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34° NORTH GYM: Training System & Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. We live and teach it every day. Following this system puts you on the path to becoming Superhuman. 

The cost of our modern and convenient lifestyle is high. Our country faces record levels of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and cancer. When looking back at the millions of years of human genetic evolution, it's clear to see that our digital-age lives are not aligned with the design of our bodies. We're not suggesting you go back to living in a cave, but will ask for a little introspection and a lot more movement. 

  • Get stronger
  • Eat like our ancestors
  • Sprint and train explosively
  • Learn skills to improve your movement vocabulary then use it for deeper, more complex levels of expression 
  • Play when you train! Enjoy movement like you did when you were a kid
  • Develop a journey-based mindset: Fitness and wellness is a journey, not a destination 
  • "Kaizen" - constant, never ending progress in training
  • Expand work capacity
  • "Bulletproofing" - Body conditioning techniques make you resilient to injury
  • Maximize rest and recovery
  • Surround yourself with people that bring out the best in you
  • Accumulate present moment awareness through breath integration practice 


At 34 North, this isn't our job or even our career.  It’s our Lifestyle. We train, we eat, we work, we rest, and we live in a way that maximizes our genetics because we want to be better athletes, family members and human beings. There are no secrets. Our coaches can lead you to the path they walk daily, but the choice to take it belongs to you.


A good training partner is priceless. They hold you accountable, keep you consistent and push you to do your best. When you join our community you instantly tap into a network of incredible training partners. If the saying is true that you are the average of the people you spend the most time around, then our community will improve your average.


34 North is not a destination or a fixed point. It is a journey and an aspiration. If you consistently approach your training with the intention to have an experience rather than checking some box, your transformation will be physical, mental, spiritual and never-ending.


Whether you come and join our community, drop in for a workout or just browse the site, we want to help you. After all, it's the reason we got into this business. We want to help people find what they need to be healthy and thrive. For some, that's peak performance and for others it's just getting started or coming back from an injury.  Whatever your path, we've provided a wealth of free information in our knowledge base. It's our gift to you. 

If you feel inclined to give as well, we greatly appreciate any donations you can make to LA's BEST. This charity helps provide after school programs, such as fitness, for children in Los Angeles neighborhoods most vulnerable to gangs, drugs and crime. 

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