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Class Descriptions



Fluxio & Upper Body focuses on developing your skill, fluidity and strength, as well as developing upper body muscles and connective tissue to cultivate resilience in the arms, shoulders, neck and torso. We build towards these objectives by sequencing upper body strength in routines using gymnastics rings, monkey bars, the floor, kettlebells and other imaginative movements and tools. Fluxio means flowing movement, the ideal objective for any athlete or mover.

"Be like water, my friend." - Bruce Lee


Omnis & Leg Strength

Omnis & Legs focuses on explosive power, total body coordination and strength, as well as developing the muscles and connective tissues of the lower body.  Omnis means whole body movement, you’ll release your inner beast as you sprint, jump, and move with power through some of our most challenging workouts.  This class releases hormones and growth factors that keep you young, improve immune function and sexual virility, increase bone density and upregulate your metabolism so it continues to burn long after the workout.



Libertas focuses on improving functional mobility, training the joints to be resilient and injury proof, and a heavy focus on core strength.  Libertas means freedom. In this case, freedom of movement, freedom from injury and pain.  To achieve this we develop body awareness, core strength and mobility of the spine, hips and shoulders.  This allows us to confidently take on any movement system, sport, recreational activity, or specific skill work free from fear of injury.  

Ex Machina

Ex Machina

Ex Machina is training for the human machine.  The glutes and legs are the engines for movement, the core is the chassis and the transmission for power to the extremities.  This class combines conditioning work, advanced core training, stretching and movement flow techniques designed to keep your body (aka: The Machine) running smoothly and efficiently.

Pro Vita Tua


Pro Vita Tua (PVT) is a martial movement class founded on Western Boxing and Muay Thai skillsets.  Pro Vita Tua means Fight for Your Life.  Training methods include footwork, shadowboxing, heavy bag and focus pad/mitt work.  The goal of this non-contact class is to make you a more skilled mover able to react instinctively to the movement patterns of another person.



34° class challenges your physical and mental resilience.  34° is a compressed 34-minute class designed to push your conditioning and endurance to the limit.  The workouts are simple yet sinister, like manual labor and team challenges.  The goal? Go hard and keep smiling. Even hard training should be fun!

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