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Ethan Wpöf

Ethan Wolf

Ethan’s journey into the body began when he joined the wrestling team in high school in Staten Island, NY. He initially joined because his friends did, and is happy he answered the call because it gave him the first look into a personal truth that human connection and shared experience are things that provide meaning to his life - something he’s been able to share through my career in fitness.  

Initially, Ethan was focused on calisthenics and gymnastic strength training. This training showed him that one must learn their own body first. I grew infatuated with old time strongmen and the feats of strength they performed. Soon I was attempting such feats myself - he became known as the guy who ripped phone books and would bend ¼ inch thick nails.

His passion for movement and the human form led him to study it further, acquiring a B.S. in Exercise and Sports Sciences from Guilford College in North Carolina in 2006. After college he began work as a personal trainer at New York Sports Club - he dove deeper into the iron game and where he learned the benefits of object manipulation. Slowly he grew a collection of kegs filled with cement and huge sandbags in his garage (among other toys). Hungry for adventure, I moved to Los Angeles in 2008 set on furthering my career as a fitness professional. After some years working in several health related positions, he expanded his skill set into the healing arts. Attending massage school was a huge step both in learning the body in a whole new way as well as being able to help heal people. Since then Ethan has continued to research and learn as much as he can about the human form and the personal experience therein.

Walking this path is fulfilling in many ways.  Interpersonal relationships are essential to happiness, and Ethan finds joy when working with others because he gets to develop these relationships and also help people grow to be who they really are.  You can't beat the look in someone’s eye when they do their first handstand or achieve any fitness goal for that matter. It’s the feeling of really making a difference. That growth ripples out into his client’s lives, their families and occupation - into the world. We are all just reflections of each other.  So being in service of another is to be in service of oneself.

Diving even deeper into this sentiment, the bodywork Ethan does is focused around pain management and bringing balance back into people’s structure.  Experiencing relief is extremely powerful, and can be a game changer. Being able to facilitate a person moving towards being whole and in turn being able express their potential is often an equally powerful experience.   The trust that is given during healing sessions is something for which Ethan is grateful.

Working with anyone who is genuinely interested in their personal growth motivates Ethan! Teaching is something he thrives on. He sees movement’s fine details, so this lends to helping people fine-tune their skill sets in just about any practice from hand balancing to Olympic lifting to gymnastic strength training.  However, where I tend to shine is working with people who are new to fitness or starting from a place closer to ground level. His warm personality and palpable delight in a person acquiring a new ability is contagious.  This helps to motivate anyone, not excluding experienced athletes but particularly those just starting their journey.

Regarding his own practice, Ethan is currently diving back into mastering the press handstand and resurrecting his goal of 5 freestanding handstand push ups, 4 being his previous best. Outside of the gym, he has a serious passion for the culinary arts and dance.  Flow arts, physical arts akin to juggling and circus culture are another hobby. He’s an avid crystal/mineral collector and enjoy lazy naps with my cats.

  • B.S. Exercise Sports Sciences from Guilford College.
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.
  • Certified MT from the Institute of Psycho Structural Balancing.
  • CrossFit Level 2 certified
  • Group Class Instructor certified by Extreme Bootcamp
  • Physical therapy aide at a wellness clinic for 6 years, working in tandem with physical therapists, acupuncturists and an MD.
  • Massage apprenticeship, taught in the styles of the Swedish Institute of New York and Esalen.
  • Co-created and lectured a health seminar for the Screen Actors Guild.
  • Facilitated Stretching Certified by the N.S.C.A.

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