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Mychal Prieto

InstructorMychal Prieto

Originally from Santa Barbara, CA, Mychal Prieto is an ex-collegiate athlete and has been a Functional Strength Coach since 2012. He has been studying Kinesiology/Biomechanics since 2008, but his journey with fitness, health, and training began long before that.

He is most known for his ability to help his students increase strength, mobility, body-awareness, and self-confidence through the use of kettlebells, focusing heavily on form and technique. In addition to being a Strong First certified kettlebell instructor (11+ years of experience training with kettlebells), Mychal is also a certified TRX & Animal Flow instructor. From endurance & strength training with kettlebells, to primal movement patterns and neurological resets, Mychal uses a wide variety of methods to help his students move pain-free with confidence.


Strong First, Animal Flow, TRX, Basc & Performance Rock Tape, Precision Nutrition

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