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Saul Cervantes

Saul Cervantes

Saul was born and raised in California, and recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue his passion for helping others through fitness. Growing up, Saul always admired superheroes. He was amazed by the feats of strength they possessed.  He knew those were fictional characters but that didn’t stop him from learning how to achieve HEROIC STRENGTH. His journey began at the age of four when his father introduced him to soccer.  Saul flourished in this sport, becoming one of the top players in his league and winning several championships. Then, in high school, he got serious about a completely different type of sport - skateboarding. The independence and thrill of learning new skills on his board kept him dedicated for 11 years. Skateboarding taught him many life lessons, including discipline, commitment and resilience. He still carries these values with him today as a coach and in his own fitness practice. 

Saul’s fitness journey started after he seriously injured his knee while skateboarding. Never one to sit still for long, he rehabbed his knee and started working out at home. Eventually, he got into the gym and committed more time to weightlifting and bodyweight exercises. A few years later, he decided he wanted to help others transform their bodies and get strong, just like he did. He got certified as a Personal Trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and since then, has helped many clients reach their fitness goals.

In 2017, Saul started expanding his fitness repertoire by spending time on gymnastics strength training. He learned hand balancing skills, calisthenics, flips and the gymnastics rings to build superhuman strength. He learned these skills through the prestigious fitness company Gold Medal Bodies (GMB). The effectiveness of their programming drove him to obtain a certification as a GMB trainer.  He saw that this more functional approach was very translatable to how he trained his clients. 

Saul has been a student of many disciplines - locomotion, gymnastics, calisthenics, weight lifting, and bodybuilding. He’s taken bits from everything he’s learned to create a unique training style, which he uses to give his clients superhuman strength. Through a decade of experience with fitness and a lifetime of athleticism, Saul continues to challenge himself and puts his energy into moving his clients along their fitness journeys. He loves to see his clients make progress, learn new skills and develop the confidence that comes with gaining strength and becoming your own superhero.

Saul specializes in getting his clients strong, functional bodies while obtaining the aesthetics they’re looking for. He’ll get you the mobility to feel better in your daily life, and get you the physical results that will have you feeling strong and confident. 

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