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Sustainable Personal Training Programs from Santa Monica Professionals

34° North’s personal training programs are designed for anyone—seasoned athlete or rookie—passionate about improving their health. Based in Santa Monica, we work with clients throughout the Los Angeles area, proudly tailoring our services to meet each person’s needs. Whether you are deconditioned or looking to accomplish a specific fitness goal, our personal trainers create custom plans to help you reach and sustain optimal health and wellness.

Personal training also offers an opportunity for those recovering from injuries or movement restriction to receive one-on-one support. Our experienced trainers will help you through recovery, ensuring your exercise routine is safe, and that you are mindful of how to best move your body.

Support from Personal Health and Fitness Coach

Many of us need a little extra motivation to reach our fitness goals. 34° North’s team of professional trainers provide the personalized guidance and accountability you need to achieve your desired results. You and your fitness coach will agree upon set appointments and quantifiable goals that set you up for success and sustainable habits post-training.

Our trainers are qualified with at least 6 years of professional experience. We consider your workout history, current physical condition, fitness interests, lifestyle, and goals to ensure we deliver personally tailored instruction that works for you. As a 34° North member, you will have access to our group classes and body work services for additional wellness and mobility support. Sign up today or contact us with questions—we’re here to help.

Interested in Personal Training with a 34° North Instructor?

Before you commit to a package you can try our Special Offer for an Intro Personal Training session & assessment for $100.

  • PT with Master Instructor starts at $150 / session.
  • PT with 34° North Instructor starts at $135 / session.
  • Couples and small group PT available.
  • Please inquire for more details.
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