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Tidal Movement Episode #1: Calm for Coronavirus Show Notes

Click here to listen to Episode #1 or search "Tidal Movement" on Spotify!

Host: Tanner Martty

Guest: Jonathan Velazquez

Executive Producer: Kristina Talio


Most important elements of your personal defense against coronavirus and flu is to sanitize and keep your immune system strong.  


  1. Keep the air clean. Recommendation to use Dr. Schulze Air Detox with essential oils of lemon and eucalyptus. Inhaling cleans your respiratory and spraying around you keeps the air clean.  

  2. Essential oils are great natural alternatives for hand and air sanitization. Look for Eucalyptus and citrus essential oils like lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit.  

    1. Eucalyptol is a great natural hand sanitizer.  

    2. EO is a good essential oil spray. They also are the brand of soap we carry at the gym.  

  3. Boost immune system with whole food supplementation - 

    1. Dr. Schulze Superfood Plus as the foundation for vitamins and trace minerals.  Has Zinc, Vitamin E, C, A, all the B vitamins, and trace minerals like Selenium and Manganese.

    2. High dose Vitamin C! Jon recommend Dr. Schulze Super C, which is a great whole food source and Quicksilver’s Liposomal C with R-Lipoic Acid.  

    3. Echinacea to strengthen and balance immune response. Jon recommend Echinacea+ by Dr. Schulze.  Start with 2 droppersful twice/day then titrate up from there if you feel you need more support to fight off foregn invaders.  

    4. Oregano oil is a powerful antiviral that can fight off flu and coronavirus. Tanner strongly recommends capsules over liquid!!  Jon’s go to oregano oil is a specific strain called P73 in a product called Oreganol made by North American Herb & Spice that we carry at the gym. Capsules are the best way to get a high dose.  Start with 1 capsule/day and then titrate up from there if you feel you need more support.  

  4. Nutritional support for a strong immune system - 

    1. Stay well hydrated!

    2. Eat or juice raw garlic everyday. One small clove of raw garlic per day is perfect.  Raw garlic is imperative because it has high levels of allicin, which is only active as soon as the cell walls are broken. Allicin is a powerful antibacterial and antiviral.  

    3. Ginger, green onions and leeks are foods that support healthy immune function.  


Whole food supplements versus synthetic supplements.


Whole food supplements provide all the natural cofactors and enzymes that potentiate the nutrients and facilitate proper absorption by the body. Generally whole food nutrients, like Dr. Schulze Super C, is the way to go.  


Synthetic supplements don’t have cofactors and enzymes, so the liver doesn’t recognize nutrients when they aren’t accompanied. Because the liver doesn’t recognize the nutrient it doesn’t regulate it, like it normally would, so it will continue to release it into the bloodstream.  Certain nutrients, like synthetic vitamin A (retinol palmitate), can be toxic when released unchecked into the bloodstream, even causing death.  


Why do we like Quicksilver Liposomal Vitamin C even though it’s synthetic?


QS has wrapped the C in a liposome, which is a delivery system that optimizes absorption by the body. Clinical trials show that it can raise blood serum levels close to intravenous levels!!!  (Mind blowing for geeks like us).  


QS also has R-Lipoic Acid, which helps detox heavy metals.  When you have the wrong amount of metals in the body it throws off all electrical signaling, which affects all metabolic processes including immune function. Be mindful that we’re bio-electric beings!


Note: Jon loves pairing Dr Schulze’s Superfood Plus with 100% RDA of whole food vitamin C with QS Liposomal C so you’re getting both high dose versions particularly when people are trying to boost immune function or improve collagen production.  


Trace Mineral Supplementation - 


Think deepest oceans and highest mountains!


Jon recommends Deep Ocean Minerals for ocean minerals and Dragon Herbs Shilajit for highest mountains.  


Specifically for fighting off viral contagion, Enhanced Zinc Acetate Lozenges by Life Extension. Shout out to Dr. Chris Masterjohn for turning us to this product. Clinically proven to stop viral replication in the mouth, nose and upper respiratory.  


Parting Wisdom - 


  1. Astragulus is a Chinese Herb that TCM practitioners believe strengthens your energetic field.  

  2. Mushrooms are powerful medicine! Turkey tail, Reishi, Chaga and Agarikon.  


Most important is MINDSET!  Think: powerful immune system. You’re strong. Don’t operate from a fear based mindset.  

*please visit our vitamin shop at our location in Santa Monica, CA to purchase products in bold*


Think strong,




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