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Restore and Revitalize with Body Rebuild stretch therapy in Santa Monica

At 34° North, we address each aspect of whole-body health—from strengthening your muscles to healing connective tissues. After you’ve sweat it out in one of our fitness classes, we highly recommend stretch therapy with one of our experienced manual therapists. Our therapists work with you one-on-one at our Santa Monica location to improve functional mobility, joint health, and connective tissue resilience.

Stretch therapy is much more involved than passive stretching. We work with your body to manipulate joints by alternately relaxing and stimulating your nervous system in order to stimulate blood flow and increase range of motion. Stretch therapy restores your body’s natural movement. It allows for greater control and awareness while simultaneously healing and preventing injury.

Active Stretching for Improved Joint Mobility

Do you spend long hours seated behind a desk or driving lengthy commutes? Angelenos know this struggle all too well. 34° North’s active stretching therapy is designed for anyone dealing with decreased joint mobility, chronic pain, or restricted movement. Whether you are looking to supplement your physical training or restore your body after too much time in the office, our stretch therapists offer personalized services that revitalize your body and improve your mobility.

Our two stretch therapists on staff have a combined 20 years of experience. They provide quality restorative care to every participant. Sign up for a single stretch therapy session or combine it with your existing practice for a holistic approach to healing.

Stretch Sessions

30min Body Rebuild Packages

  • Single session - $75
  • 6-pack   - $432 ($72 each)
  • 12-pack - $840 ($70 each)

60min Stretch Packages

  • Single session - $150
  • 6-pack   - $864 ($144 each)
  • 12-pack - $1680 ($140 each)

*Gratuity is included in pricing

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