Gyms can be intimidating.  Regardless if you’re just beginning your journey to fitness or you’re a hardcore gym rat, walking into a class of individuals performing complex exercises in hive like unison can freak you out a little.

I call it “gym-timidation.”

I’m guilty of being intimidated in the gym and as a result I became discouraged in the pursuit of something I deeply wanted to do. It made me feel terrible.

There are ways to beat intimidation in any form. Whether you are preparing for a fight, attempting a super advanced lift, taking your first strength class, or giving a presentation at work, a proper mental state can transform your feelings of intimidation into ones of inspiration and accomplishment.

Here’s a few tips on how beat fear and accomplish your goals.

State of mind

A determined and calm state of mind is paramount for beating intimidation. Telling yourself “you can do this” and mentally visualizing yourself accomplishing the task at hand are two very powerful ways to help build confidence and calm your mind. Create a daily mantra stating your goals and say it first thing when you wake up in the morning and before you go to sleep at night.

It’s a journey not a destination

Don’t focus on the end result but instead live in the moment. As esoteric as this sounds, it’s an extremely practical skill for any task that requires your attention. When practicing, focus only on what you’re doing in that moment to improve that specific skill. My personal challenge was doing routines on the gymnastic rings. When I thought about the whole routine and how insanely difficult it was, the result was jerky movements filled with nervous tension. But when I could just “chill” and break down the movements one at a time, everything flowed and transitioned beautifully.

The importance of focusing on the little things can’t be overstated. The most successful trainees are those who take very small progressive steps. Training in this manner creates a foundation strong enough to develop high-level techniques while simultaneously ensuring continuous progression.

Consult with you coaches

Feeling intimidated about performing advanced movements or doing something new is completely normal. Talk to your coach to lessen your anxiety. It’s our job as coaches to COACH you. Not just teach you how to move, but to provide you with all the necessary tools to be successful in your endeavor.

The answer to beating intimidation lies within.  You have the power to change how you feel.  Focus on your skills, be consistent with your training, be patient with yourself and talk to your coaches / mentors.

Follow these methods and you can accomplish anything you want.